Glenn Price

I’m Glenn Price, founder, and managing partner at Bondir here in St George.

How I’m wired:
Doer by nature. Too much talk makes me nauseous.
Big companies get most of the attention, small ones deserve it, that also makes me nauseous.

Growing up without a television:
Meant no Giligan’s Island, no Six Million Dollar Man, no Charlie’s Angels but lots of time to draw, paint and explore on my Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Post College:
Utah to NYC to Utah — a 2-decade layover on Madison Ave as a creative.

Most useful creative tools:
A “dare to be dumb” mindset. A firm deadline. A big orange table

Always asking:
What’s the best way out of the woods?

Modern man’s most useful invention: yellow Post-it Notes.
His second:  a felt-tipped marker.

Wishful Wisdom:
Every Tuesday, tidy up your desk (office, closet, life). Creativity is a messy business.

Part of NYC I miss most:
Lombardi’s pizza on Spring St.

What keeps me rooted:
26 fruit and nut trees, 10 grapevines, and a hive of bees.

Most life-changing feedback received:
“All you creative folks are long on ideas and short on process.”